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Our people!


When you secure the services of ZOOM! Home Cleaning, you can rest assured that you won't be visited by nameless minimum-wage workers. We recognize that our staff are the foundation of our success, and choose to invest in quality people of good character who love to clean. We treat our team members with respect and remunerate them well for their efforts, and as a result we enjoy low employee turnover. This means our staff get to know you, and your cleaning expectations, very well.


This ultimately results in a win/win/win for our clients, our team members and our business. Isn't that how it's supposed to work?


We'd like you to meet some of the people who help make ZOOM! magic happen:





"Hi there, I'm Amber! I love caring for my infant daughter... and caring for our customers. I also enjoy nature walks, reading, and 10-pin bowling! I love my ZOOM family, and the care I get to show at work."




Hello, My name is Sarah! I am a very meticulous individual, I'm keen on cleanliness and order, and take pride in doing a job right the first time :)



Karlisa - Trainer

Hi! I'm Karlisa. I love people, experiences, traveling, theatre, animals, and especially my dog. I believe that a happy, peaceful life starts with a clean home.



Tammi - Operations Manager

Hi, my name's Tammi! I am a friendly, chatty cleaning machine! I enjoy being at the beach with my daughter and niece and generally love to be around kids. Always laughing and finding the humor in situations and will always root for the under dog.




"Hello there, my name is Maddi. I love the outdoors and staying active. Cleaning to me is an opportunity to keep moving and stay in shape, as well as providing great service to our ZOOM cutomers!"



Cathy - Team Leader

"Hi, I'm Cathy! I'm the mother two rambunctious kids who keep me on my toes! Cleaning is just a fact of life when you're a mother! Fortunately I love to clean, both for my own family, and for our customers!"



Harpreet - Trainer

"Hello there, my name is Harpreet. I love being a Mom! My children keep me healthy and active, and cleaning is one way that I am able to provide for them!"



Ali - Team Leader

"Hi, I'm Ali. I am a mother of 2 (a daughter and a son) and a stepmom of 2 (daughters). I'm very family and kid oriented, and love singing and art. I enjoy helping people and making them feel good. I love growing with the crew at ZOOM and getting to know our clients!"




"Hello, I'm Alex. (coming soon)"




""Hi, I’m Hillary! I grew up in Langley, and I love it here. I spend most of my spare time cleaning up after daycare children and my dog Rambo. I love to make things sparkle!""




""Hi, I’m Ashley! (coming soon)"




""Hi, I’m Chrissy! (coming soon)"




""Hi, I’m Amy! (coming soon)"




""Hi, I’m Elyse! (coming soon)"