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Our people. Our pride.



When you secure the services of ZOOM! Home Cleaning, you can rest assured that you won't be visited by nameless minimum-wage workers. We recognize that our staff are the foundation of our success, and choose to invest in quality people of good character who love to clean. We treat our team members with respect and remunerate them well for their efforts, and as a result we enjoy low employee turnover. This means our staff get to know you, and your cleaning expectations, very well.


This ultimately results in a win/win/win for our clients, our team members and our business. Isn't that how it's supposed to work?


We affectionately refer to our team members as "Lionesses" (and newbies as "Cubs"). This was an idea that germinated within the team – instead of being imposed upon them by management – and came about as the result of an exploratory, team-building exercise.


Our team members were asked what animal they felt they most identified with and best represented them. After a few suggestions, one team member mentioned a lioness... and it galvanized the group. There was immediate consensus, followed by excited chatter about some of the admirable traits of a lioness:


These traits are mirrored in the lives of the diverse, eclectic team members who have made ZOOM! what it is today; the comparison is both accurate and appropriate. The team has embraced the "Lioness" notion, and they take pride in being part of the "Pride".


We'd like you to meet some of the Lionesses who help make ZOOM! magic happen:




Karen - Trainer

"Hi there, I'm Karen! I'm an energetic mother of 4 who loves the outdoors, music and keeping things clean! I've got an eye for detail and love making our clients' homes shine!""




"Hello, My name is Sarah! I am a very meticulous individual, I'm keen on cleanliness and order, and take pride in doing a job right the first time :) "



Tammi - Operations Manager

"Hi, my name's Tammi! I am a friendly, chatty cleaning machine! I enjoy being at the beach with my daughter and niece and generally love to be around kids. Always laughing and finding the humor in situations and will always root for the under dog."




"Hi, I'm Ashley! I'm the mother two rambunctious kids who keep me on my toes! Cleaning is just a fact of life when you're a mother! Fortunately I love to clean, both for my own family, and for our customers!"



Harpreet - Senior Trainer

"Hello there, my name is Harpreet. I love being a Mom! My children keep me healthy and active, and cleaning is one way that I am able to provide for them!"




"Hello my name is Amanda. I have many hobbies; gardening and walking top the list. I enjoy helping others and am meticulous when it comes to cleaning!"



Ali - Trainer

"Hi, I'm Ali. I am a mother of 2 (a daughter and a son) and a stepmom of 2 (daughters). I'm very family and kid oriented, and love singing and art. I enjoy helping people and making them feel good. I love growing with the crew at ZOOM and getting to know our clients!"



Alex - Service Manager

"Hi there, my name is Alex. I am a mother to one beautiful, energetic boy. He keeps me busy as well as my two jobs. I love cleaning because no matter what, you have made some sort of difference! I know the feeling of a clean home is one of the best!"




"Hi, I'm Hillary! I'm studying psychology. I love animals and I have seven pets! I genuinely enjoy cleaning because it's so satisfying to leave a situation better than I found it. Plus, I like helping you out!"



Ashley - Senior Trainer

"Hi, I'm Ashley! I love to be out hiking, spending time in the outdoors, cuddles with my cat and a hot cup of coffee in the morning! I am the Swiffer master!"




"Hello. I am Debbie. I am friendly, enthusiastic mom of 2 kids. I love music, spending time with my family and friends, walks with my dog, and keeping things clean and organized. I love being a part of our ZOOM team!"




"Hi, I'm Elyse! Langley born and raised. I have great passion for music. I love walking and hiking in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. I love the aspect that we're caring for individuals through cleaning."



Roxi - Customer Care Manager

"Hi, I'm Roxi! I am a Mom of two boys. I love organizing basically everything, so I'm your go-to gal for tidying up. I also love writing on my blog, editing videos and baking."




"Hello, I'm Wanda! I love cats, movies and science fiction. I'm happy to make you smile with great ZOOM service!"




"Hi, I'm Tasha! I love yoga, the outdoors and animals in general. Cleaning has always been therapeutic for me. Working at ZOOM has been equally therapeutic with the amazing team we have!"




"Hey there, I'm Laura! I love the outdoors, going camping, hiking, snowboarding, and cross country skiing! I love working at ZOOM! because of all my friendly co-workers!"




"Coming soon!"




"Hi, name is Ayzia. I am an interior Design student who enjoys cleaning. I love being a part of this team!"




"Hi! I’m Jules, I’m a mother of 2... 3 if you count my husband. We love our big extended family, going to the cabin in the summer and skiing/boarding in the winter. I’m not ashamed to say that ZOOM’s methodical way of doing things suits my type A personality perfectly!"




"Hi! I'm Alyssa. I'm a mom to a beautiful, out going girl. I've spent my life dedicated to horses, and with that I've learned time management, multitasking and how to be efficient, effective and thorough."




"Hi! I'm Amber."