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Care for people.


Our vision as a company is to expand our sphere of positive influence and become a force for good in Langley, Surrey, Aldergrove and White Rock. Through the support of our customers, we want to help manifest positive change in the lives of people as we invest the resources at our disposal in acts of compassion. Ultimately, we'd like to be as well-regarded for our community care as our quality house cleaning services. Our Share the Care™ program is an opportunity for us to walk our talk.


Share the Care™ Locally


Every month we offer up two of our talented house cleaning specialists to clean the home of a family in need in the Langley, Surrey, Aldergrove or White Rock area, for free. This could be a family struggling through significant illness, a single Mom, or a senior citizen without a solid support network. There is no ulterior motive... it's simply an opportunity for us to serve. If you know someone who think could benefit, please contact us confidentially and let us know.


Share the Care™ Globally

Every 20 seconds, a child dies due to the lack of clean, uncontaminated drinking water.


We are proud to participate with HOPE International Development Agency in their long-standing effort to bring help to the world's poorest families.


Established in 1975, Hope International's mission is to enable people in the developed world to connect with people in the poorest communities on earth through compassionate giving and other opportunities to help.


ZOOM! donates a percentage of all profits to Hope International Development AgencyHOPE International Development Agency works in some of the pooorest places on earth, constructing small-scale, easy-to-maintain drilled water wells and gravity-fed water systems that will provide an abundant supply of clean drinking water. These simple but effective systems save lives by giving families access to clean water, right in their villages, and break the cycle of sickness and disease from water-bourne illnesses.


Your continued patronage of ZOOM! Home Cleaning directly contributes to providing a brighter future for needy families, and supports them on their journey toward self-reliance.


Thank you for your support.